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Our History

In 2010, "New Color Chemical Co., Limited" had its headquarters and global financial operation center registered in Hong Kong.


From 2011 to 2019, the group gradually invested and built a series of factories for corresponding products in mainland China. These include the use of color change properties in:


l  Thermochromic pigments

l  Photochromic pigments

l  Photoluminescent pigments

l  Reflective powders

l  Hydrochromic pigments

l  Fluorescent pigments

l  Optically variable pigments

l  Chameleon pigments


The factories are located in different provinces of China.


In 2012, "Xiamen Magic Color Technology Co., Ltd." was registered in Xiamen, Fujian, to be mainly responsible for sales in the Chinese market and global foreign trade import and export business.


At present, we are working hard to build a global design and development team in order to develop new practical and interesting products based on the existing color-changing materials.