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Photochromic dye for Color Change lens

"I have already both many samples, lots of supplier were not honest and cheat me on product and other in quality "

Above word is from one of our customer who produce color change lens, and unfortunately, it seems they could not able to find right type of photochromic dye for their lens applications.

Normally customers are looking for OP dye that can be dissolved well, with good discoloration effect, as well as the transparency of the powders should be good.But for most customers, they are not very familiar and professional with OP dyes, due to the cost of OP dye is high, So if you can’t find a suitable manufacturer, then the cost of trial and error will be very high, and a lot of time will be wasted.

Photochromic dye for Color Change lens

We hope below information would be helpful:

Photochromic dye for Color Change lens

Photochromic dye for Color Change lens

  1. To choose correct type of photochromic dye, the color is very important, but comparing the colour itself, Solubility of dye is more important, which would cause if the dye could be workable in your lens.

  2. After color and solubility are confirmed, then the adding ratio of photochromic dye also very important, actually, There are strict requirements for different colors of OP dye with more and less addition ratios.

  3. After the above problems are solved, you will face a more rigorous problem, that is, the choice of solvents, because OP powder has special requirements for solvents, and different colors also need to choose different solvents to fully dissolve it.

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