Thermochromic Pigment

▶These special effect pigments allow for a visual response to change in temperature. The pigments are composed of micro capsules that change color reversibly. When the temperature is  raised to a specified that change color reversibly. When the temperature is raised to a specified temperature the pigment goes from color to colorless. The pigment returns to the original color as  ools down. The color and temperature are selected by the user.                                      

•Properties :Nontoxic, harmless, without radioactivity, good chemical stability. It can be added to various mediums like paint, printing ink, plastic, rubber, resin, glass, etc.

• Particle size :1~10um

• pH: 7~9

• Temperature resist:230~ 280°C 

• Specific gravity : 0.26g/cm3

• Thermochromics of different colors can be mixed with each other. Or can be blended with other dyes and pigments . 


  ▶ Stable dispersion

  ▶ Fast color change

Application & Product Type   

 • Coating, Printing, Ink, Fabrics Dyeing, Injection etc 

• Customized Colors by Costumer’s needs