Photochromic Pigment

▶ Photochromic pigment are photochromic microcapsules in a powder pigment form. They are colorless in their inactivated state and become colored when exposed to ultraviolet light source or the artificial sources of 365nm "black light". They are reversible.  

• Particle size: 1~10 um

• Specific gravity : 0.26g/cm3

• Color change form: colorless to color .This process can repeat as it depends on under UV light or remove UV light .

• Temperature resist: Within 220℃, Avoid using the temperature that above 230℃,especially for plastic injection/extrusion process,it has higher heat and UV resistance when add proper light stabilizers and anti-oxidants.


▶ Stable dispersion

▶ Fast color change

Application & & t Product  Type      • Coating, Printing, Ink, Fabrics Dyeing, Injection etc.