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Electroluminescent Paint

• Electroluminescent paint is a luminescent paint that uses inorganic electroluminescence. Electroluminescence is an optical phenomenon as well as an electrical phenomenon. The optical phenomenon will make the material glow. In the case of electric current or strong electric field, Electroluminescence can emit light without heating.

• There are 4 types of EL paints, which emit light in layers combination. In addition, any sealing layer can be used at the end of the process.

1) Conductive paint

2) Isolated reflective layer

3) Light emitting layer (light emitting part)

4) Conductive layer (transparent)

5) Sealing layer (transparent layer)

• The recommended film thickness of EL paint

The first oil-based paint 0.1mm

The second oily paint 0.1mm

The third oil paint 0.05mm

The fourth water-based paint 0.01mm

▶ Electricity (inverter)

1)Use a transformer that converts direct current to alternating current.

2)Depending on the size of the inverter used, the AC voltage ranges from 80 to 220V.

3)The power consumption varies with the transformer, roughly at the level of A4 9W, A3 18W, and A2 32W.

▶ Durable time

Depending on the strength of the transformer, the use of different protective varnishes, different construction techniques, etc., can be used for 5000 hours~15000 hours.

▶ Impact resistance

The performance is determined by the cover layer (any material).

▶ Brightness

Luminous brightness varies with construction and inverter. The approximate range is 100cd~300cd.

▶ Basically, as long as the basic coating can be used. However, paint is not suitable for cracking, softening substances (clothing, etc). The solvent should be electrified during use, so it can not be used in human body.