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NewColorChem provide mainly two customized services:


1.Chemical customized service:


This included the development and customization of color-changing materials that meet specific customer product requirements. Specifically, this can include temperature change powders, light change powders and luminous powders. In addition, the products can also be matched to customer samples, such as Fragrance powders.


If you need customized services for chemicals, please contact:


2.Finished product customization service


This includes the following products:


a.  Films, such as: thermochromic, photoluminescent, thermochromic, photochromic and all types of color changes;

b.  Photoluminescent signs, photoluminescent rigid sheets, and glow stones;

c.  Color change mugs, including plastic and ceramic mugs;

d.  Liquid crystal thermometers;

e.  Stickers, such as: temperature-sensitive, UV sensitive, water sensitive and glow in the dark;

f.   Color change fabrics


If you wish to develop a color change idea, please contact with via: