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what's the advantage of super fine glow in the dark pigment ?

Generally speaking, the main applications of luminous powder are for injection molding, spray painting and silk screen printing in the market, so peopel don't have to use super fine luminous powder in their daily work.

what's the advantage of super fine glow in the dark pigment ?

But if the products require for gravure printing, then it requires for super fine particle size glowing pigment.

So how much fine powder can be defined as superfine powder ?

The particle size of normal ultra-fine luminous powder is about 1500 mesh (9um). The powder of this specification can be used not only for silk screen printing, but also for gravure printing. It is also very suitable for painting, injection molding, surface painting, wire drawing, etc., if used for high-end industries such as film making and high-end leather, the surface of the products will be very smooth.


Of course, any product has advantages and disadvantages. If compared with the same level of luminous powder with a large particle size, the luminous time and brightness of the ultra-fine luminous powder may be a little weaker, so it is best to recommend that customers choose the most suitable model according to their needs.