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KT Series Fluorescent pigment for aerosol paint use.

Recently, there are many inquires for fluorescent pigment, and they have the similar questions as below:

Are your fluorescent pigment could be used to produce an aerosol paint ?

Are your fluorescent pigment water-based or oil-based ?

Due to the market for Fluorescent aerosol paint are growing, we already have KT series fluorescent pigment that could special used on the applications of aerosol paint, is composed of a solid solution of fluorescent dyestuff in a thermoset benzoguanamine-formaldehyde copolymer. 

KT series fluorescent pigment can be mixed in both water-based system and oil based system, please refer to part of its properties as below:

Physical properties:

Appearance               : Powder

Melting point               : thermoset, non-melting

Average particle sizes      :≤ 2 μm

Specific Gravity            : 1.36

Oil absorption              : ≤ 45%

Decomposition Point       : >300°C

PH:                     : 5~7

Heat resistance           : 240°C

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