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Daylight Fluorescent Pigment

▶KT series pigment is composed of a solid solution of fluorescent dyestuff in a thermoset benzoguanamine-formaldehyde copolymer.

• Heat stability: KT series can be used in plasticized PVC-formulation and withstand processing 

temperatures up to 180°C for >30 minutes                                                

• Melting point : thermoset, non-melting

• Average particle sizes :≤ 2 μm

• Specific Gravity : 1.36

•KT series also workable in both water-based and solvent-based systems

Daylight fluorescent pigment

                                                ▶ Stable dispersion

                                                ▶ Fast color change


Application & Product Type 

• KT series pigment has very fine and uniform particle sizes, the micro-sphercial particles ensures easy dispersion, so additional grinding is not required for KT series.they are very good in solvent resistance and in heat resistance. and recommended for applications that required high resistance to polar solvents, plasticizers, heat,pressure and migration,with which has the advantage of high color intensity and strength, good light-fastness and outstanding brilliance.

Daylight fluorescent pigment