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Photoluminescent Pigment

▶Photoluminescent pigment are pigments characterized by their ability to absorb and store naturalor artificial light and emit it as visible light when in the darkness, our long g lasting glowing pigment  are made by activating alkaline earth aluminate with rare earth elements, after it has absorbed various   visible light over 20 minutes, then it will be slowly emit over 8 to 12 hours period,The luminance brightness and duration of aluminated luminescent pigment is at least 30 times of traditional luminous materials represented by ZnS: Cu, and can be used repeatedly

▶Our Photoluminescent pigments do not contain any radioactive substances. 

• Synonyms: Luminous pigment, Luminous powder,Phosphorescent pigment, Glowing pigment,Glow in dark pigment,luminescent pigment etc.                                                     

• Body color: The body color of Photoluminescent pigment is light yellow or light-white; Colored Photoluminescent pigments are also available, i.e, RED,GREEN,BLUE,YELLOW,ORANGE,and other colors are available on the request

• Emission color: The emission color of Photoluminescent pigment could be as follows: Yellow-green(Green); Blue-green(Aqua); Sky-blue; Blue; White; Purple

The emission color of colored Photoluminescent pigment are closed to their body colors but glowing brightness is lower.

• TYPE: Water-based Photoluminescent pigment and Solvent-based Photoluminescent pigment 

• Particle size: 2~10um; 5~15um;10~30um; 25~35um; 30~50um; 45~55um; 50~75um;65~85um;150~300um; 500~2000um 

Photoluminescent pigment

▶ Stable dispersion 

▶ Fast color change

Application & Product Type  

• Photoluminescent pigment can be mixed in Paint, Inks, Coatings as well as plastic by molding injection or extrusion, which can be used for thousands of applications, including: Road signs, Special effects, Fashion,Health and Safety, Arts and Crafts,Jewellery design, Automotive coatings, Toys,Stickers,Clocks and Watches, Fire exit signs, Pathway marking, Photoluminescent film etc.