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Transparent Optically Variable Pigment

AppearanceSemitransparent powder with different angle-view color change effect.

Product description: The flake powder pigment is a layer of transparent metal oxide ultra-thin films with different refractive indices. Through a precise physical vapor deposition process, an optical interference multilayer film with specific color change characteristics is formed, which is formed after crushing Effect pigments with very small particle size. Based on film multi-beam interference and floppy color effect, it forms dynamic and dreamlike color gloss.

Material structure: It adopts a transparent metal oxide multilayer film structure to form a strong floppy interference effect. Based on the transparency of the material, it can be combined with different background colors to show a variety of illusion effects, even on different background colors Can achieve obvious dynamic color changes and metallic shimmering luster

Weather resistance: excellent, no pearlescent discoloration and yellowing problems,

and higher color consistency and repair quality than traditional pearlescent

paint when repairing

Particle size:

pigment flake thickness1um-2um,

median particle diameter Dv50: 18-24um

Application: ink, paint, plastic, automotive OEM and refinish paint, cosmetic

color additive etc