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Hydrochromic ink

Appearance :White color.

Colour changing form: White colour to transparent when contact water , then will reveal the bottom color . It is reversible color change process

Applications:Toys,Color change umbrella, water-sensitive stickers, water-sensitive clothes etc

Applicable materials :Paper, adhesive sticker;Cotton, polyester, nylon cloth, other type of Synthetic

fabric or non-woven fabric, etc

Sieve number : 80-120 mesh

Screen printing plate: Water-based screen printing plate

Scraper: 55-65℃ of Anti-solvent scraper, such as Polyurethane

Dosage: It is available printing about 15 square metre per one kilogram ink by screen printing plate with 100mesh.

Hydrochromic ink

 1. Our product is being successfully used across a number of applicati ons.

However, we always recommend the initial testing of our prod ucts before committing

to production runs or final projects.

2. Hydrochromic ink not suitable applied on waterproof fabrics,stretchable fabrics,

 as it could not be able to stick on them well.

3. The high density of fabric would be good for the printing of Hydrochromic ink,

 suggested to use 100% cotton

4. The viscosity of Hydrochromic ink may decreased after a long time

storage, please keep it well dispersed before using.

5.Please try to keep the ink clean even printed, refrain from touching by hand.

6.Please note that above instruction only suitable for Hydrochromic ink

produced from our company.